MB Sprinter 416cdi 4X4 2003 - Very Strange Noise...


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Drives fine & with no issues, and then after 40mins of driving a strange noise starts from underneath passenger footwell.
Noise is like dry metal grinding together & turns more creaky & squealy when coming to a stop.
Noise stops when I turn left or right & resumes when going straight.
Noise accelerates with speed & decelerates when I slow down.
So - the noise is heat related? As it takes 40 mins of driving for it to start?
Metal expanding? Oil thinning?
I have checked the wheel bearings.
I have also checked the oil level in the front transfer case.
Very Confused.......
Any advice?

Eric Experience

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The transfer case is supported by a metal cradle, the cradle can break allowing the drive shaft to touch the floor. If you remove the transfer case and look for shinny marks on the drive shafts you will track it down. Eric

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