Sprinter won’t start after crash just clicks

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Hi guys never been on a forum before ! But,
Since crashing my van and the insurance company writing it off (vans price £15000 +vat. I bought the behicle back of them for £3750
I bought salvage parts
drivers steering wheel airbag
Two seat belt pre tensioners
Full front end with radiator pack
Oil cap and new ecm holder
Total so far £1280

the only thing left once rebuilt was to get the code and it was saying SRS

cleared those and all it would do was click in the engine vat when I turned the ignition on even though everything on the dash and in the cab worked fine aaaggghhh
2 hours later turns out

There is attached to the battery some sort of physical engine cut off where it ejects the power connection on the battery and ejects the power going into the ECM
After many hours it was a simple pushing together of the connections
Hope this helps and thanks everybody for helping me get Maya Mercedes back on the road woo hoo



2008 3500 170"ext. 3.0 V6 OM642.993
Welcome; sorry you had that initial crash. Yup .. you done good, I'm impressed!
Thanks for sharing that fix.

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