Follow-up costs from poor service


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We recently had at our MB dealer perform a Service B, $1500+. 100 miles later, the power steering started squeaking, steering became difficult. At the same time we got a Coolant Level Low light on the dashboard. We were camping very remotely. So to help us getting home, I used the only oil I had on board: motor oil for the generator. Back to MB, they want now $700 to flush the lines and replace a hose. My position is that they did not check and replenish all liquids as I expected them based on the item checklist and as such the repair is a result of them not servicing the van correctly. Am I wrong?


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You are the one who put wrong fluid and that generate required job.
What is your question?


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I experienced similar as a young adult and realized I'd better learn how to do my own preventive maintenance.

If you want something done right, sometimes you gotta to do it yourself.


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The MB dealership did a half arsed job. Unfortunately, when you put the wrong fluid in the power steering, that made matters worse. To coin a phrase, "dude, do you wrench?" DIY, if you want it done right these days, apparently.

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