Removing Valve cover OM642


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I recently purchased an 08 Dodge sprinter with the OM642 motor. When I purchased it, the van was running very weakly and did have a knocking noise. The owner showed me the codes which did read that

1. 2574/2576 (Fuel injector 1/3 circuit minimum actuation not attained
2. cylinder 1/6 glow plug open circuit)

Hoping that I could fix the van and use it as a utiltiy vehicle, i purchased new injectors for an amount I would rather not disclose due to embarrassment. To my dismay after installing the injectors. my problems had not been solved. the vehicle still made a knocking noise which increased along with rpm increase.

After trying to consult with a few "mobile mechanics" I came to the conclusion that the next step here is to remove the valve cover. I was able to reach a certain point but I am currently stuck on the next step to remove obstructions leading to the valve covers removal. The service manuals I was able to get my hands on are as you all know very unhelpful. can anyone please help me figure out the next step here?

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