Tires....rotation life expectations? Replacement


advise please. Have just about 20k on my 2016 Citation Sprinter 3500 dually. Vanco Conti’d LT 215/85 R16’s dated 3316. Currently 8/32nds with 7/32nd outer steer tires. Never rotated. try to maintain recommended cold 60 psi and use tpms. Fronts starting to chop.

Rotate and run these out to when?

Recommended replacement suggestions when the time comes?

Thanks much.


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4/32" is absolute minimum and / or no more than 7 years old tires depending on whether they are exposed to sunlight (UV).



2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
You have TPMS on your 2016 dually?
Mine 2015 doesn't and it does have steel inner wheels.
Beside rotating side to side - there is not much you can do.
I did not drive my 3500 much yet, but noticed that it shows edge tire wear, so I increased the pressure.
I think all tires of last generation have wear marks on them. Observe how close you come to them. I drive in region with no rains, so don't worry about getting close to the marks, but when living in 4-seasons I was getting good thread on front before winter.


2016 Siesta Sprinter RV 54K miles. Front Vancos developed outside edge wear early on. (at 25k miles) Wheel alignment by MB dealer, also required eccentric camber bolts to bring into spec.... Rotated front tires to rear (all steel rims) and no abnormal wear since.

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