Dealer and Supplier Map


Peggy The Van
I'm often traveling in my sprinter van and I'll need a mechanic in a new place. So I decided to take the Dealer and Supplier list and put it on a google map. This way I can find a sprinter specialist who's close to me or my destination. Here's a link to the map.

Map of Sprinter Dealers.jpg

These mechanics are sourced from Sprinter-Source's US Dealer and Supplier list, a thread advocating for independent mechanics, and lastly this doc. Not all of these servicemen are vouched for, half were posted on the Dealer and Supplier List by one of two accounts. So If you're using this map I recommend you check the location's reviews. If you'd like to add a mechanic to this map, you can submit one here.

Does anyone else find themselves needing a map of reputable sprinter specialists? I hope this helps you!

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