2016 Pleasure Way Ascent - Girard on demand water heater issue

Ian Evans

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In our 2016 Ascent, we have a Girard Model: GSWH-2 on demand water heater.

We have owned the camper for 2 months now and initially the water heater would work fine and heat the water to 124 degrees (setting we had). Recently, when you turn on the heater and turn on the hot faucet, the water temperature starts at about 60 degrees and then slowly increases up to just over 100 degrees, but it will not go much higher.

A week or so ago, I turned on the water heater by mistake with the propane off. I received the error code E1. Once I turned the propane on and fired up the water heater it seemed to work fine, but I did not test how hot the water got.

2 questions:

1. Any idea what the control button is above the red on/off switch? It is labeled c/f.
2. Any idea what we can do to get the water to heat up to 124 degrees as before?

Thank you!



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Are the flow rates at the faucet where you measure the temperature always the same?

I mean are you on City water or the internal pump on your RV?

Follow-up question under pump conditions does the water pump cycle on and off and the water flow go up and down in volume?

Ian Evans

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your ideas! Right now we are on water pump but have used city water. Flow rates do fluctuate slightly.

Here is what I have found:

1. c/f is for switching between celcius and fahrenheit.
2. The manual that can with our RV is not much good. Online we found a much better document. It states that the heater can heat the water between 40-60 degrees F above the cold tank temperature. We are in Canada and it is about 40 F outside. So to heat the water to 102 F is about right.

We have never had this problem when the outside temperature is warm.

Thanks again. Ian


How does your bath room water temps compare with with the kitchen temps?
We have a 2018 Plateau and find that bath temps ( in cold weather) tend to stay the same.
However the kitchen temps are much cooler .

I believe it is from the water lines running across under the coaches exterior.
Make sure recirculation water line (shut of valve )is on and that the control is selected to comfort.( on the dial)
OOPS , ours is a truma which may be different.


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