Installed a brushed stainless backsplash


2004 158" Vista Cruiser
I've been trying to decide how I was going to approach this. The counter top around the stove and sink is really significantly warped,...I tried making a template to cut them,....tried just installing one piece at at time, from left to right, then right to left,....but the height or alignment of the subsequent pieces was always off. so, After cleaning the surface behind the stove and sink with TSP then following with Alcohol,. I lined up the 3 bottom row pieces against a metal straight edge, taped the 3 pieces together,....slid them in over the counter top for a trial look, and surprisingly, the tape job actually held the 3 12x12 sheets square to each other. I peeled back the bottom 3-4 inches of each panel,....and with them all taped together,...slid the panel group into place,....I had drawn a pencil line around the 3 panel group,....I checked that each of the panels still lined up with the top and left and right lines,.....pressed the panel bottoms home, reached behind each panel, grabbed the paper cover the self stick backing,.....removed the remainder of the protective paper and pressed the 3 panels firmly home,...from there, the upper right side panel and the center panel were easy installs,....the upper left panel I remove the top 3 rows of the panel with a razor knife,....pressed them all home, removed the protective film and tape,....and done,......OH,.....I cut out the vertical rib with a razor knife with a new blade installed. Pics attached.


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