Turbo Noise?!?! Manifold surfaced and Gasket Replaced.


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So I was driving to big sur with a whining coming from the turbo area that got very bad further in and i lost turbo. I read it to be the issue of a leaking manifold and the whistle being the gasket. I saw exhaust residue near the bottom of the manifold so assumed that was it and why the tubo lost power. I just replaced the manifold and gasket. The manifold was slightly warped and had two bits of raised casting that looked like they raised somehow. Anywho, it was surfaced and a new gasket installed and now I fell like the turbo is getting a little power but that noise is still there and the van definetley still lacks oomph! Im going to have a friend hit the gas while i try to get a better listen to see if it really is the turbo. Would anyone know if doing a cartridge change on a turbo is worse than ust buying a non garrett turbo? Also maybe what else the noise could be? I was also getting massive amounts of smoke.


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A whining or whistle isn't the noise a leaky exhaust manifold gasket makes. Its more of a metallic chirp or squeal sound. A manifold leak also won't put you in limp mode. So yours sounds more like a boost leak, which will produce smoke, and which will put you in limp once it is bad enough. The turbo itself rarely fails, so put that at the bottom of your list and stop throwing parts at it until you know for sure exactly what the problem is.


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Turbo cartridge replacement has about a 50% chance of being successful and Im having turbo professional perform the swap out. Best to buy a new Garrett turbo


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Check for warpage on both the turbo and head mating surfaces. Both can warp. One of the specs is in the Dodge service manual.


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Let me reiterate what many Diesel mechanics have told me. Turbos rarely fail. It is usually everything around them. When they do fail, it is usually catastrophic. They are spinning at tens of thousands of RPMs. When they fail, they go to pieces quickly. They don't usually make noise for a long time. Think like the engine that failed on the aircraft out of Denver recently. One minute they are working. The next minute all hell breaks loose.



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