The IKEA Mattress Road Trip


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I must have missed seeing your original posts nearly 2 weeks ago, but great pics. Reminds me of my trip through the region in the Spring/early Summer of 2017 (free National Parks annual pass that year). I was able to hike onto the glacier then.

Oh, yes, that's not Peyto Lake. You cannot drive right up to Peyto, which requires a short hike up to an overlook. Your pic should provide GPS coordinates to help you find out the name of the lake.
You're right, bcislander. Thanks! That's not Peyto Lake. My phone GPS tells me that it's Bow Lake. :doh:

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I has 1x1 angle on each side and an IKEA beam running down the center.


It looks like someone earned a corner time out Ikea style. :bounce:



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I think this is the one we went with.

And this topper.



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As far as the Ikea mattress - which model of mattress do you like?
I got this one.

Cheapest spring mattress they offer in Canada. Freshly-opened, the chemical smell was awful. Went away after a few days.
Excellent comfort, good sleeps, low price. $399 CDN is about $1.49 USD.:bash:

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