Sprinter 170 Inside and Roof Dimensions


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to continue planning my upcoming Sprinter 170 conversion while working overseas temporarily and I was wondering if anyone has a good set of dimensions that they have taken on their Sprinter 170s? I would go back to the dealer but am unable to at the moment being overseas.

I would love to know what you have for internal cargo floor length, width at floor level and width at ceiling level, height of the cargo area, and length and width of the roof between the rails?

If anyone has this info on a 2019/2020 Sprinter I would be very grateful. The online measurements are so varied that I don't want to trust any of them.

Thanks very much in advance.



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One reason they vary so widely is the measurement from the seat base to rear door is not necessarily the measurement of useable space depending on your configuration due to drivers seat recline and slide position which is a variable and protrudes beyond the seat base. Other measurements use the cargo partition as a measuring point which is also not entirely accurate if you yank it out.


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I found dimensional drawings on the Mercedes site. But as Shawn states they are not always accurate. In my case that was a good thing. The Mercedes drawings show total floor length from the backside of the drivers seat to the rear floor sill. Turns out there is another 3-4” to the curved rear doors and another 3-4” to the rear window glass. This made a difference in fitting my queen bed, shower and range into the van.


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