Solar on a bus


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I am new to this forum as I have been told that there may be good advice here on another forum
I am after advice as I am helping my lad in Australia (Plan was to be there, but Covid put paid to that!)
He is converting a bus and although I have done most things I am not sure about how he should wire up his solar panels.

What he has bought (for better or for worse) for his 24v system are

8 x 250w panels max output 22v

MPPT controller, input 102v max and 50a (30 to 80v design range) (part of a combined MPPT solar controller/3000w inverter/mains or generator input control)

4 x 190Ah AGM 12v batteries.

He changed the existing Aircon to a very efficient unit that draws 1000w max and the main use is for daytime in 40c with the sun blazing down.

He also has a 2.7Kw Generator

So he needs basically 4 panels in series to get best voltage and then 2 strings in parallel
But considering the possibility of shade on parts of the bus is there a better way?
Perhaps, 4 pairs in parallel and then in series. Or 2 in series then paralleled twice. Or some other solution.

Also the same question for the batteries 2 in parallel then in series or 2 in series then in parallel. (my thoughts are series and then parallel but?)

Any help would be appreciated

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