Overhead aluminum cabinets, $400, Auburn Ca

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Auburn, Ca
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I have several overhead Aluminum cabinets for sale. 60” long, 15” tall, 16” deep. They are raw aluminum, and include track for sliding doors that takes 1/4” material for the door. Cabinets mount to the ceiling ribs in factory holes with plus nuts, and plus nuts on the wall of the van. The pictures are of 1 cabinet, and then a set of them installed in my van. For photos of another set, @weekendsweroam on Instagram. 2 cabinets for well in a 144.
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For clarification, the DIY part is you take it to get powder coated, install it, and make the doors.... if you need help with any portion of that, let me know and we can figure it out.
I believe these would work in a factory headline. You would need a spacer behind the headliner, or could probably attach 80/20 to the wall, which could make installation easier...


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Would love to buy a pair of these from you. Any chance you are coming south any time soon? I'm down in Santa Barbara. I will be in Mammoth in a couple weekends but that is still pretty far. Any idea how much shipping would be?

Not sure what shipping would be to so cal. When will you be in Mammoth? If you want to send me a DM, we could try to coordinate something.

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