T1N: 1994-2006 05 2500 140" SHC for Parts - CO Springs


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Greetings, amazing forum folks,

Thank you for sharing your insights over the years. I continue to benefit from your shared expertise.

It does not run at this time.

Here is how you will get more than $2,000 out of this van.


a) store it somewhere (you could continue storing it near Peyton for $10/month) and sell the good parts (list at below). I would part it out myself, except that I recently moved to Durango.

b) rebuild the engine and sell it.
*The title is good, not salvaged

F.A.Q. at bottom includes greatest hits such as "What's wrong with it?" and "What kind of engine does it have?"

Good Parts:

Transmission already has the RSN mod and runs well
Turbo is good
Five injectors, already removed, were working great in another OM647 (the same) engine.
ECM is good Differential is good
Rear Axle is good, although does not come with E-brake assembly
Drivers Door is great, comes with power windows
Tires are good
Sachs front Struts are good
ABS Module is good
Glow Plug Module is good
Ignition is good
Instrument panel is good
Blower Motor is good
Steering rack and tie rods are good
ATC (air conditioning controls) are good
Factory radio is good
Vacuum pump is good
High pressure fuel pump is good
Low pressure fuel pump is good
Fuel tank is good
AC Compressor is good
AC Condenser is good
AC Condenser fan is good
Fan clutch is good
EGR is good (probably dirty, but worked fine)
MAF and O2 sensor is good
Transverse leaf spring is good
Most of the engine is ~probably~ good, no black death whatsoever
Passenger side fender is good
Both seat belts are good, and surprisingly clean IMO
Passenger side headlight and both taillights are good, although hazy
Heater control valve is good
Two fantastic fans that are dirty but functional

Bad parts:

Radiator is leaky
Exhaust system is gerryrigged in a few places
Plenty of rust on the undercarriage and in select places on the white painted body
Injector Supply Lines are missing (I accidentally turned them in with the crappy injectors as cores...) You can replace them using the link at bottom for about $141 total
Drivers seat has no armrest
Missing cruise control switch
Missing passenger seat
Missing spare tire holder
Mirrors are loose
Drivers side fender is gone
Drivers side headlight is damaged
Headliner has some discoloration
Grille is plastidipped and missing a section
Rear doors are very rusty

$1,500 firm.

You can continue tow it out or continue to have it stored near Peyton for $10/month if you like.


"What's wrong with it?"

At 186,000 miles, I have blown a cylinder. I have not removed the head so I do not know if it’s a piston or a head issue. What I do know is that I have a consistent misfire on cylinder 1 and big blowby. When the injectors for cylinder 1 and 2 were switched, the misfire stayed in cylinder 1. When we did a compression test, cylinder 1 was getting about half the compression of cylinder 2. This diagnosis indicated the engine was more or less toast, so I drove the van until something on the passenger side of the block gave and she blew out her engine oil, then had her towed the rest of the way. Best-case scenario: you replace the head, address the oil leak, she fires up flawlessly. Worst-case scenario: the engine has been fused together from the mile or so she drove while losing oil.

"What kind of engine?"

This is a Mercedes Benz OM647. It is a 2.7L I5 Diesel.

"Where is it located?"

This vehicle is currently located near Peyton, Colorado- just NE of Colorado Springs.

"Did you store it with the injector wells uncovered?!"

Negative, I have been storing it with the engine cover on to avoid foreign objects falling into the cylinders via the exposed injector wells.



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