Rust in roof rails of 2016 4 wd sprinter


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can anyone tell me if this is a common occurrence. The roof has rusted between the roof racks where the seams of the roof meet each other
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More information? Pics?
Did you remove the roof rails and visualize?
What is your climate? AK/NY or AZ etc Wales or North Africa?


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For that amount of rust to occur, there needs to be a significant and frequent amount of water, contrary to being garaged for most of its life.

From the pictures, it looks like the rust is a bi-product of the roof rack installation. Yes, Sprinter paint and metal is weaker than average, but there is no accounting for breaches.....


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Seems odd, they don’t usually rust like that. Would guess the nearby fixings, hardware and their installation are involved.

When I read the title I assumed you were referring to the unsealed internal roof panel seams rather than the external ones with their “proud standing ribbons“ of sealant.

My 2009 has never yet had a night under cover. I sealed all the exposed internal joints within a month of it being built. No rot so far, inside or on top.
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Thanks. The rust is between the roof rack attachment points. It’s as if the metal has two layers and the moisture is between the layers. From new the paint in the rails was a bit lumpy. I think it is a manufacturer’s fault not sealing the joins properly in the roof. All holes are in the designated points for the rack. Just a little bit peeved with the outcome.

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