Auto window problem


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Hey guys, my window fell out the other day when lowering it. I took the door skin off to see what happened, there was a broken white piece of plastic that had snapped it was a guide for the winding mechanism that slid along a track. I relocated the pin in the track so the window works but need to source this part. Has anyone had a similar problem


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The forum has numerous threads about replacing the T1N's "window regulator" slider with a slightly modified wheel from shower door roller kits sold at hardware stores.



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The other option is to source a manual winder mechanism and cannibalise it to get the roller, and put that on your electric winder. I couldn’t find a correct size window or door roller in the hardware shop, so did it this way. I think I found the manual winder on eBay for not very much money.
I made my own slide piece from a piece of nylon cutting board, similar to the original shape & held by a stainless screw with nuts, washers etc locktited so things can move a bit.
It has been working fine for about 5 years now
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