Torque converter and valve body cost


What should I expect to pay for the rebuild of a valve body, and replacement of the torque converter in our 2016 4x4?
Our van is in the shop having this work done after experiencing slippage in 5th gear. I don’t believe any other parts in the transmission needs to be replaced. I was first quoted $4500 roughly, before anything was taken apart. Now that it is, and all the gears and metal parts seem to be fine, was wondering if I should be paying less?


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Well the price of a new/ exchange valve body is about $1500 ex MB exchange.
It used to be $900 but tariffs--well !!
We often opted for that remedy when the main solenoids were suffering for the most part by heat attack. At about $350 a pop it was financially expedient to replace whole valve body in a blitz exercise.
That stated the most we do is simply replace the circuit board and the lock up clutch solenoid. The solenoid is about $75 & we often source these through Mopar as they use it as well in NAG applications.
Typically we charge around $3500 to $4000 when the whole Kahuna has to be changed including the torque converter.

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