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I am pretty handy, so I have never actually used my AAA towing coverage for my own vehicle.
But I have used it as a passenger on several occasions when a vehicle I was riding in crapped the bed.
We have the Premier plan, which covers longer towing distances (150 miles?)
I have no regrets paying for it, because if I ever really need it, it will be well worth it.
I believe the Ca. Premier AAA plan allows towing up to 200 miles. That may vary from state to state however.

I too have rarely needed it, but the assurance is worth the cost.

I did have to go through some tribulation over the classification the AAA seems to have about our Sprinters. Mine is not an RV, but all were classified as such.

It ended up that with a little resistance on my part that my 06 was finally classified as a private vehicle and not an RV or a commercially licensed vehicle. It did save me some dollars in the end.


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In the dim and dark past (T1N years), some AAA clubs offered RV coverage, some didn't.
If you had RV coverage, any AAA would provide towing service for you.
If your "home" club didn't offer RV coverage, they wouldn't.

So i suspect that what we're seeing is (basically) insurance ... and a cross-franchise-area agreement plan.
Namely: your Home club will reimburse the local club for services rendered (up to your membership's limits).
Local tow company bills local club bills your home club.
So you have the warm-and-fuzzies of "being covered", even though the house you're parked in front of wouldn't necessarily have the same happy experience.

As RVs have proliferated (and the Good Sam and the others are providing competition) most likely the majority of AAA "clubs" have had to add RV coverage to avoid loss of market share.


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