2016 Pleasure Way Ascent - batteries will not charge when plugged in to shore power

Ian Evans

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Just noticed that the Lithium ION batteries charge normally when the engine is running and when the solar panels are active. However, when plugged into shore power, they drop their charge and do no charge up. Any idea where to look? I have seen in another post that it could be a tripped breaker on the power converter. My question is "How do I access the converter to reset the breaker?" On our camper the converter appears to be behind a piece of carpet to the right of the batteries.

Could it be anything else? Thanks!


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I have had airstreams in past and work on others - one part I have had commonly fail (even on a new unit) was the converter - these were WFCO distribution panels that have the shore power, 12 v breakers, and the converter built in - many rv's from factory builds use the WFCO distribution panel or something similar - I have had to replace my converter on a few of them

In this case and some other dist. panels the converter is located directly below the 110 breakers and 12v fuses- it should be connected to the 110 side and have a 12 volt connection for the fan which helps to cool converter under use - its a simple plug and play scenario.

Do you have a conjoined 12v and 110 v breaker box? @Ian Evans


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See page 31 for text and some photos

The converter is located under the power sofa on the passenger side. Access to the converter is through the passenger rear door of the vehicle. Remove the blue battery cover and pull the carpet cover panel at the top near the battery box.

The ascent does not have a wfco converter.

Ian Evans

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Thanks to both of you for your ideas! I think I have narrowed it down to the converter. The shore power nor generator are charging the batteries. Engine alternator and solar panels are charging. When plugged into shore power, everything in the camper works.

I have reset the 2 main circuit breakers. I will next check the converter. From the manual, it seems like there is a fuse / reset button that I can try. The converter must be working as when on shore power and 0% in the batteries, everything works in the camper. BUT from the manual, there is a battery charging feature that is obviously not working.

Any other advice re the converter would be appreciated.



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