2006 turbo cuts out?


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I’ve got a 2006 2500 that has been going into a possible limp home mode. It will start fine. Drive away fine. Some days it drives all day fine. Some days it will let me drive a few kms then go into mode. When it does happen it loses all power and won’t go over 3000 rpm. I can shut it off and then it drives fine. It may or not act up again shortly after restarting, seems to depend on the day.
It does usually seem to happen going up a hill. It seems to more often than not happen in the same spot on a hill a few minutes from home.
Thanks for any advice.


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Those are all symptoms of low charge air boost. Check all the hoses on the air intake tract for leaks. That includes the intercooler and the turbo resonator. If a visual inspection doesn’t reveal a leak, a pressure test might.

if you can reliably duplicate the problem by requiring lots of power (as when climbing hills), then it’s very likely that’s the cause.

Does it set a “check engine” light?

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My vote would be for the turbo resonator (I’ve replaced 2). The last time was going up a steep hill when I went into limp mode. I shut down, restarted the engine at the top of the hill and it ran fine. I crawled underneath and could see oil around the seam on the resonator. I replaced the last one with a Dorman. A thirty minute job. You can use an aluminum replacement. I did for a while but didn’t like the additional turbo noise. There has been a lot written about resonator failures here on the Forum.


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The 3000 rpm may be tied to just a turbo leak (i don't recall mine being so limited, but i didn't really poke it to see if there was a limit).

Here's what the training documents say about limited RPMs:

(training docs at: http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference/T1N_service_scans/ )

So is your limit 2800 rpm, 3000 or 3200?



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Guessing game. Just start throwing parts at it and hope you get lucky. Resonator, intercooler hoses, Maf, egr, 02 in that order or pull some codes from the ecm and see what’s going on


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If there’s black smoke coming out of the exhaust then the charge side hoses would be suspect. If there’s little to no grayish smoke the intake side, especially the resonator would be suspect. I replaced my resonator with the aluminum bypass tube recently after having already replaced with a Dorman unit a couple of years ago simply for longevity’s sake as it was approximately the same price as the plastic resonator

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