Is there more activity on the forum since the changeover?


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We don't have any tracking software, except adsense that places ads, to tell us the amount of traffic before and after the change. Plus, I haven't been paying attention. I'm just making sure that the site is fast and working.

I would think there would be more people visiting due to coronavirus. I know computer (part) sales are up for some reason because I'm having a hard time finding parts that are discounted. There seems to be less visitors/bots showing up, though.

Another thing is the demographic for Sprinters are an older bunch. I ran across some posts from Altered Sprinter (Richard) from Tasmania that was quite lively. I sure miss the guy.


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I imagine there's a greater interest in forum topics (buildouts, DIY repairs and travel) that tracks the overall trend towards completing construction projects at home and growing popularity of RV travel..


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I come from Truck Camper forum and that board is dying.
I think when TC owners are mid-aged people with lot of them farmers and such, Sprinter owners are more of digital kids.
Still can't explain such big difference between TC activities and Sprinter activities.


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Another point is Sprinter was the monopoly (at least in the US) when it came to high roofs early on. Once Transits and Promasters appeared, a lot that traffic went away.

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