Best sprinter model for reselling ?


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Hello, we are custom van builders in Las Vegas and are now adding sprinter to our builds. We want buy a few new 2020 and
Build them out to resell. The question is what is the most desirable model spec we should buy? Thank you.

Tom Tint

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Different needs for different people. Me personally, I would like a 144 4x4 cargo that is all carpeted inside with insulated walls, headliner and carpeted floor. Maybe with real leather seats, and carbon fiber trim pieces. Modular shelving thats easily adaptable for different uses. nice electric running boards..And paint that won't turn to chalk in 2 years.


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Thank you for your feedback.
We just acquired a black 170 extended and are starting the build now.
We have also ordered a 144 4x4 and will billed as the same time.
We are taking orders now for dec 1 delivery of the builds.

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