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As anyone had to replace the locking cap for the water tank on a Sprinter Westfalia? The cap on mine will no longer unlock. I have conducted a number of searches and have not been able to locate a replacement unit for the entire piece. Any ideas? Thanks, Doug


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That one at Leisure Shop danielmccoy posted appears to be correct, but it looks like they are currently out of stock online. I noticed them mostly out of stock on eBay for the cap in black as well. It’s from a German company called Fawo (assuming the one from Leisure Shop is the same as they don’t state). Hopefully it’s not discontinued, as it’s identical to the old one other than the keys. The only one I could find in stock in black right now has very overpriced shipping (same seller with two listings below). It’s currently $25.51 with $34.40(!) shipping. For reference, the Fawo cap in white Kiltym posted is available from just $17.80 plus $1.60 shipping from the UK.



The cap is also available with the inlet, which is what I bought in black off eBay a couple years back due to the price and availability (and to have a spare inlet in the parts collection). In white below for reference. It says “wasser” on top of the inlet (which is “water” in German) unlike original on the Westy.


If you just want something that’s functional for now and not original, the majority of caps from Europe should fit. I’ve seen a couple Westies that had different style caps on the inlet and they appear very OEM. Amazon has one that looks like it should work, but that is just a guess. At $12.99 and next day delivery, it might be worth a try if you need something ASAP to keep fall weather out of the tank. Even when the Fawo cap is back in stock at a reasonable price, it can take 30 days plus to get parts delivered from Europe.

For options from other brands, searching “caravan water cap black” gets the most accurate results from the UK sellers.


I have my original cap, if you want it. Works fine; I only replaced it because I only had one key to it.

The caps seem pretty standard on European campers, so I would imagine any of the above would fit. I forget where I got my new one, or who made it, but it fits great.

Did you try a little lube in the keyhole?


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And a little trick I learnt the other day regarding these European style water filler caps - if you lose the key then you can simply pull the entire centre section out of the body mounted filler to replace the cap. The fitment of the centre section is a very tight push fit to prevent it falling out in normal use. A member of a UK MH forum inadvertently pulled the centre section out with his cap and then couldn't work out why it would not lock again!


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