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UK 2004 T1N 313CDi



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It’s not a mb
Every Sprinter is MB regardless of the badging. They’re captive imports like the Dodge Colt, Chevy LUV pickups, the entire Eagle range, etc. and as such will come up through the VIN finders


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If your Sprinter is a MB built product (Freightliner Sprinter 2001-2020) (Dodge Sprinter 2002-2009) (Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2010-2020)
(VW Crafter (not sure of the year models but MB quit assembling them in ~2016 perhaps) (MB Sprinter in all other countries besides
North America (USA and Canada)) then the VIN # will get all the data from the Daimler Int'l Vehicles Database.
If your vehicle is a Mercedes Benz built product, use the "Conversations" (the Envelope Icon/Symbol in the blue bar at the top of this
page) to open a private conversation with sailquik.
In the initial conversation include the complete VIN # for your MB manufactured vehicle.
He will run your VIN # in the Daimler Int'l Vehicles data base and provide you with the complete OEM Build Data Card which
lists all of the Major Assembly part numbers, all of the options codes, virtually every bit of information that is available for that
specific vehicle assembly.

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