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'02 140 Hi BlueBlk Pass
This is not the seal on the doors, but the seal that attaches to the box opening on the back.
My seal was damaged in the floor area by multiple events including a rear-ender, normal abuse, and damage I did when prepping for painting over a rusty area.

I thought the seal was glued in. But it is not - it is held in place by compression. So it turns out that this is an easy install.

High roof part number A9016900198 - old number A9016900098. The numbers appear on Google hits on all the Mopar sites, but I couldn't find anyone that stocked it on those sites. The parts are readily available in Europe. I ended up going with Europarts SD.

Once the seal is pulled off, check the U-channel for dirt and rust and (in my case) active ant colonies:

Clean and repair accordingly:

Note that the bumper and threshold do not have to be removed if only replacing the seal.

The rear seal is composed of 2 different profile seals welded together. The top of the opening's seal is wider that the rest of the seal. There are slits at either end of the welded in section.

The top section does not span the full width of the door opening. Looking at my old gasket, it is apparent that it is not important to get it exactly centered:
Screenshot 2020-09-24 115252.jpg

To get started, clamp the gasket on either side of the van to carry the weight:

The U-channel has a lip. Put the ribs into the channel and then use fingers to rotate by pushing the back-side of the seal into the channel. I started with the sides about 1/2 way, then did the top, then finished off.
A plastic trim tool is handy to finish off the setting of the seal both front and back. In my case because of the damage from the accident the u-channel was not consistent in width, and required a lot of trim-tool work.

Amazingly enough, there was no issue of having to stretch the seal to make it fit. It finished off with no stretching or bunching required.

The seal may be the source of the water going into the rear lenses:
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