Skid plates and warranty service?


I have experienced the hot-no-start issue on our '17 4x4 a handful of times and I was going to get her in for a warranty fix this fall.

How have others handled warranty work (anything underneath) with skid plates. I believe the hot-no-start issues reside inside the transmission (Valve body & interlock switch) so they likely would need access to the underside of the tranny... but I have full VC skid plates.

Should I remove the center skid prior to taking it in? What have others done? (I don't want to pay for the dealer to pull/replace skids, and I'm not sure I would want them too either (which kind of answers my own question)).



2017 144WB 4x4
Just thinking pragmatically here, but I would assume they are fully capable of pulling it, but would also expect a fee for this since it’s something they normally wouldn’t have to do.


Had a torque converter and transfer issue on my 2016. I have the full skid setup. All their work was warrantee , the dealer did not have or make any issue, there was not any extra charge. They also cleaned the complete area up of the trans fluid. You should not have any problem.


Thanks all.

I'll ask when I call to setup the apt. Part of me wants to remain in control of the skid install, even though I'm not stoked on removing and re-installing.

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