Ceramic coating


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
It is definitely easier to apply than wax.
I put it on most of my cars and seems they collect less dust.
We did not have rain for >150 days and even before it was rare, so can't say much about water repelling.

Mike DZ

2016 View 24V (2015 3500)
The term ceramic coating cover a wide range of products, anywhere from the full monty (paint correction, de-iron, clay bar prep and then hand application of tiny vials of fluid that cost arms and legs) to 10 minute job (spritz on / wash off after washing car).

I have done the 10 minute version and like Kajtek1 said it is easier, I get good beading for 6 months and it is cheap and easy to apply. Lots of manufacturers have jumped on the ceramic bandwagon. Buyer beware.
My local high end retailer is offering R1 ceramic on the whole rig at $700. Living in VT, our roads are covered in material 7 months/year. The little s ratchets from it on my Denali drives me crazy.

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