Loud AC Compressor Noise - Dealer Says Normal


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Hi All,

I bought a 2019 Sprinter Passenger Van with the gas engine last month.

The AC makes a really loud hissing noise off and on, which they claim is normal for the gas engine (not present on the diesels).

Are other gas VS30 owners experiencing this noise, and if so, any luck in addressing it?

It’s loud enough that my baby has trouble sleeping in the car, which is not ideal for a family car.
My 19 4x4 passenger does it too, lots of hissing and groaning and occasionally looses it cold for a few minutes, dealer said couldn’t duplicate and kinda normal operation....
gotta take it back for a recall soon so ill see what they say this time!


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Thanks, definitely interested in what they say!

In my case they were able to replicate the hissing as it comes and goes regularly, and said they let Mercedes know about it.

I just have trouble believing that this level of noise is considered acceptable by any other gas owners, let alone that “all of them do it” like they claim.

Hope they find something on yours!


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I don't hear anything on our NCV3 3.0. I can barely hear the coolant fan spooling up and down at idle. I've spent a lot of time under the hood when idling programing our Balmar regulator, and I can't see I ever recall hearing the compressor. I've also never had it shut down, but we're in Denver where it's pretty dry. 2017 with about 38K miles.


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I have a diesel 2019 passenger van and the hissing is present. Sounds like a snake in the dash. Thought it was odd when I first got it but have gotten used to it, 10,000 miles now.


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My 2019 gas passenger makes it on start up and shutdown but seems quiet enough in between. I need to take to the dealer though because if the rear AC is off, the front AC doesn't blow very cold. Even with the rear on, I have to bump the fan speed up to high when the temp is over 85 and then the front seems to kick in too. I'm not a mechanic, but the noises make me think the front compressor loop is not fully pressurized or has air in it or something along those lines, enough to affect cooling too.


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Definitely would appreciate an update if the dealer identifies anything Helgin!

I haven’t noticed weaker AC performance but haven’t been driving the van much either.


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A technician friend said the noise in our new passenger van's air conditioning was because it was difficult to fill the long lines that go to the rear condenser.

The dealer checked for leaks and topped off the line. Seems fine now, and more efficient.

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