Is my converter charging my house batteries?


Hello everyone, I have a 2011 road trek ss agile with 45000 miles. 2nd set of 6 volt agm batteries are not holding a charge.
Can someone say how to check the system/converter to make sure it is working/charging properly before I buy a new set of batteries?
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There is a really handy graphical simulator of the roadtrek charging system that is a good place to start. Be sure to read the notes about setting it up for your model:

Failure of the battery separator (called "battery disconnect" in the above simulator) is a distinct possibility.
Some previous discussions that might help:


Ah, Kondelou, I just realized I misread your message. You asked mainly about charging with the converter. The separator is only an issue for charging with the engine alternator. Of course the converter should be charging the batteries. The first thing to do is check whether you have charging voltage (13 volts or more) at the coach batteries when the converter is plugged in and the engine is not running.

Have you had this rig since new? The coach batteries run down pretty quickly on this model due to parasitic current drain from the converter, which is always connected to the batteries even if the power switch is off. This shortens the life the life of the batteries unless they are recharged frequently, like at least every week or two. Or the batteries can be completely disconnected between trips to prevent discharge. There are discussions of this issue in this forum, too.
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