Tank sensors not working


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I have a micro-monitor sensor for my 2005 Pleasureway, and even after we empty the blackwater tank it still shows 2/3 full. Last time after we dumped it showed full. I’m thinking the sensor may be broken - does anyone have experience with this? The other lights on the micro-monitor seem to be accurate.

Larry M

Ours hasn’t work in years. I use a flashlight and look down into the tank to check the level. If you find the fix for yours please post it. 2005 PW Plateau TS

Mike DZ

2016 View 24V (2015 3500)
Do you have a sanitary rinse? Even with a relatively new rig I got inaccurate reads. I installed a rinse nozzle (not the spinning type) and rinse inside of black tank after every trip. This has resolved my reading problems.

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