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Hey everyone - Excited to have joined the Sprinter family last weekend when I picked up a 2019 144" 4x4 Passenger which was actually for sale on the forum. Planning to convert into a camper van for an extended trip this winter and more weekend use in the future. Anyone with previous experience converting the passenger model please reach out and/or follow along because I've already found some unique challenges.

Step #1 - I want to install a MaxxAir fan in the rear to replace the factory rooftop air conditioner. It was a challenge to find someone that would take on the removal task and this unit is different than previous Sprinters. The hole in the roof spans nearly the entire panel between the bracing and will require a transplant panel with a smaller hole in it for the Maxxair. Will update on progress throughout the week and future plans...

Factory Unit:


Cover off:
Take a look at @Hodakaguy’s thread staring on May 20.2020.

Curious why you are removing it? Though living near Seattle we clearly don’t need them.
Thanks for sharing that post, however that is a different model of AC. Primarily removing because it takes a ton of roof space and will not function without engine running - basically making it a waste of space while camping. The interior piece of it is also quite large restricting headroom and ceiling options. Was hoping the hole would be smaller (its 42"x22") making it easier to fill with a panel, but may go with a sunroof in its place and the Maxxair in the next section of roof.



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Did you wrap the van? Are those Agile Off-road upgrades your work or previous owners? Just wondering from where your build is starting... looks tasty in the 2nd pic.
Did you wrap the van? Are those Agile Off-road upgrades your work or previous owners? Just wondering from where your build is starting... looks tasty in the 2nd pic.
Yes, all done by Agile and the previous owner so far. Van is wrapped in 3M matte military green. It includes the RIP kit w/Koni struts, Black Rhino wheels, BFG KO2's, Warn winch and hidden mounting plate, Aluminess roof rack, Rigid d-series lights, 230 watts Zamp solar, Victron MultiPlus 12v/2000va/80Amp Inverter/Charger sINE wAVE, 200 amps battleborn Lithium batteries, 28-gallon aux fuel tank, Owl engineering rear tire carrier and ladder, Espar D2 heater, swivel seat mounts, and a few other goodies.

Exterior is pretty dialed in so I will be focused on retrofitting the interior of the passenger space as a camper.
FLOORING: First, I removed the factory benches, seat rails, and OEM plastic flooring. Once down to bare metal I found several rust spots and treated them carefully before a final cleaning.

Originally wanted to use the 3 deeper floor channels (from the seat brackets) to install wooden battens for subfloor support, but ultimately felt that was not enough support. Chose to use the other (6) full length channels front to back for the 1 1/4" tall battens. This provided room for R5 rigid foam insulation and killmat (R5 is low, but the deeper channels below them actually provide for airflow which is key to better performance. You'll notice 2 oddly sized battens on either side - I built a 2 part system to allow for use of the factory seat rail mounting bolts and solidly connect the floor just in case the glue failed (these are around the edges also.

The subfloor is CNC cut to match the factory floor curves/bends/opening for heater. It is in 3-pieces and connected with locking Lamello's to ensure it never raises/dips at the joints.
One 4'x8' sheet is closest to the door, another 8' section on the driver side, and a ~4'x6' section for the rear. It's constructed of 3/4" sanded plywood and fits perfectly. I'm very glad I had this CNC cut and now have a CAD file for the exact dimensions. Once the kitchen cabinet is constructed I will cut the overhang from the step at the correct location.
Is it unusual to find rust on a van this new?
It was really just surface rust from water that had leaked under the factory floor and settled. Nothing has permeated further or caused real damage. The previous owner used this van to go to ski races and lots of winter activities in Utah so im not overly surprised.
Fan Install - Had limited space to put the fan in the roof due to the sunroof and shower placement in the van, but was just able to barely squeeze it. Exterior photos show just how tight the tolerance was between the sunroof glass and plastic pivoting cover of the MaxxAir. Location was also tricky because it straddled one roof crease and was in the valley on the other side. Fabricating the roof panels now!



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I too am located in the PNW. I opted for 2
Maxxair fans to make sure moisture/condensation will be minimized in the wet, cold winter months, wet clothes, skiis, etc. My van is 144 HR.
Flarespace - Sprinter 144" almost requires the bed to be horizontal in the space so I needed flares. The price of Flarespace is way too high for a fiberglass part, but I took the plunge and got the extended flares with window on driver side. My van was a passenger model and had the rear side glass windows which needed to be removed. Took it to CaveVans in CO as the certified installer and am pleased with their work. They've partnered with a local paint shop and formulated their own "bed-liner" which has a finer finish - chose that in black to semi-match the windows as they wrap around.

Inside - the Flarespace provided trim rings will be used, but not in the way I've typically seen. Most people seem to build their wall panels over the top of these trim rings (covering the vertical surface section). Because I have the factory interior trim pieces (black paneling) I thought it would be easier to finish the trim ring itself and have it blend in with the factory panel (above will be cabinets so no exposed wall panel needed).

Purchased black marine vinyl and have begun the wrapping process on the flares, but I should have realized the difficulty with these complex curves. We'll see how it turns out, but i'm hoping it works. The inside of the flare itself will be wrapped in matching vinyl to my new seat material in a few weeks.

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