Huge Motor Problem 2015 Airstream Interstate


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Yesterday I was traveling in my 2015 Airstream Interstate from Chicago to Steamboat Springs. I just crossed over the Mississippi and I started losing power. I pulled over and my baby quit. I had it towed to Smart Luxury Motors in Davenport, IA. They were amazing but had to give me the bad news. My motor seize and he could not figure out why. The oil and coolant were fine. The mechanic said I did nothing, it sometimes just happens - very rare. Of course, it is out of warranty. I had the oil changed in March at the MB dealership. They gave her a checkup too. I have never had a single problem in 5 years. Not she

Has anyone ever had this happen to a motor that is only 5 years old 60,000 miles?

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this fixed economically?

I can't believe I am going to have to get a new motor.

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