Raleigh, NC - MJ Brothers sprinter repair shop

I recently used MJ Brothers (aka https://www.raleighbigvanrepair.com ) for a prepurchase inspection, and was very pleased. Coming from out of state, I called the shop and arranged for the inspection and payment. I asked the seller to call the shop to make an appointment, referencing my name, and drop it off at his convenience. All this, before I travelled several states to see the van myself.

The next day, I got a thorough written report via email detailing 3 or 4 issues, how severe they were, and how soon they thought I should address them. (None of them were show-stoppers)

They were courteous, quick, and thorough. The cost was under $150...a bargain and great comfort.

If I lived in Raleigh, I would not hesitate to use them again.

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