Your 4x4 Sprinter is lame.....


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Could be wrong,
But the off-set grill looks like a Steyr, to me. Copied by the Stewart & Stevenson for the USA


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I selected this video to show the extent of the Kamaz support and prep of their competition trucks for the 2020 Dakar .
Russia has come along way from Soviets' era crap like Zils & Belaz (Belarus) which I have worked on in the 60's & 70's.

Kamaz fleets I encountered again in Chile about 30 years ago engaged in copper ore mining extraction in the Antofagasta areas.
Impressive even then !
Convinced me it would be a first choice for say logging trucks in Africa.

The original "cab over" Euro style competition trucks are powered by a Liebherr based engine looking much like a Perkins 500/600 series engine., whereas that black semi conventional cabbed truck is powered by Cummins.
Of course Russia Kamaz won the 2020 truck Dakar with MAZ (Belarus ) getting a look in .



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Taking about the MAZ? --Well at a fanciful stretch you could say that since they are parts of the same group , but I defy you to find anything significant Volkswagen in an MAN truck/bus let alone in a MAZ built in Belarus.


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Did you know that MAZ (Belarus) nowadays is a joint venture with MAN the German truck/bus maker?
With today's global economy, nothing should surprise you.
My jaw dropped few years ago when purchased 2008 E class come on wheels made in my old country Poland.
Seems all Webasto production moved to Poland as well.
It is harder and harder to find parts on MB with "Made in Germany" label on them.
I found it amazing that with millions (?) of Kamaz manufactured, they have to use engine from different country for the race version.

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yes, that is a ex US military truck. Made by Stewart and Stevenson...


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I was amazed to see what looked like a Kamaz rolling through Tucson last week, obviously a camper rig the way it was outfitted. Only got to see it coming toward me in the opposite lane and a glimpse of the side but it sure looked like a Kamaz.


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That's funny - a truck bed camper loaded onto the back? I guess that's one way to quickly made an adventure "van"

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