Why Dodge ever sold Sprinters?


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A way to get an established domestic manufacturer to import CKD Sprinter van products into the US market, with lesser tariffs and product liability rates being one salient reason . Potential market penetration is another with a comprehensive established dealer product support network nationwide. is another very important factor,
But do you have an issue about Mopar & Daimler Benz collaboration which corporately died out by 2019?


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At the time Chevy Express and Ford Econoline owned the van market and Sprinter was relatively unknown to the US...but Dodge had instant domestic brand recognition and a solid reputation with their trucks which was their target user market. No one in the US would equate Mercedes to a work vehicle and most though of skimpy little diesel vans with the European vehicles. As mentioned instant market penetration without having to re-educate the US consumer to what would have been a new brand in that market.
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The general public (and this includes your typical tradesmen who might buy Sprinters) didn't know Freightliner as a brand.

I've had people in Home Depot parking lots ask me who or what Freightliner is/was....

(i've also had rural farmers ask me "You got a Cummins diesel in that?" at fuel stops)



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Not at all. Just bought a 2007 Pleasure Way Dodge Sprinter and everything in it, on it , all glass is MB. Even the hood is cut for the MB logo.

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