rusty brake rotor - naive question?


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I noticed that the front left brake rotor on my 2017 Sprinter 4x4 is quite rusty. All of the other three are polished shiny. Does this indicate an issue, such as that the front left brake pads are not engaging fully?

I have noticed nothing out of the ordinary while driving it, and don't know how long the rust has been there.

As the question likely indicates, my mechanic skills are basically zero, and google doesn't give my satisfaction, so apologies if this is a basic question. Hopefully this is nothing, thanks for any thoughts.



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If the other discs are all clean and shiny then yes you do have a fault with that caliper that requires urgent attention.

How many miles have you covered and have the brakes ever been serviced, ie new pads/rotors?



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It is surprising that you haven’t noticed any pulling when applying the brakes. Best guess is you have a stuck caliper on that wheel. I am betting that the inside of that rotor is not rusty.

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