NCV3: 2006-2018 Sprinter 2 seater bench for sale


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I am selling a very rare Sprinter 2 person seat bench that fits all MB Sprinter Vans up to 2018. I bought this for my 2018 4x4 Sprinter Cargo Crew to replace the mammoth 3 seater it came with. I know many people are chopping the 3 seater into 2 and thats great and a cheaper way to go. I was very concerned with the DOT safety spec that you technically lose with chopping a 3 seater down to a 2 seater. DOT being the key issue for me I purchased this seat off of Craigslist in Washington for $2,000.00 USD in cash. I drove from Vancouver, BC to Vancouver, WA to buy the seat back in November, I used it until my 2018 was written off due to a careless texting driver in March. The seat unfortunately does not fit the new 2019 floor anchors. I'm asking what I paid for it. $2,000.00 USD or $2,600.00 CAD. I guarantee you will not find a DOT approved 2 seater bench for less than double what I am asking. It took me almost a full year and countless hours trying to find this seat and I drove 7 hours and through a border to go get it.



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