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It snowed in CO last week, and while I'm stuck in smoke land (WA) it has me thinking about the coming winter. My Espar arrived this week and the only thing left to do is figure out how to transport skis. I'd like to avoid a rack and being 10' off the ground gives me vertigo.

What creative methods do you all use to transport skis either inside or outside?


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I am building a permanent platform bed in my 144 and have plans to hang them from the bottom of that inside my garage so they won't just be bouncing around. My ski's will have to be slightly angled and my wifes will be able to be straight. Should be pretty much out of the way!

I saw another rig that had a rack on the back door to hang the ski's vertically. Kind of all depends on your layout!


I`ll be building a full length box directly under the bed for skis in the winter and rods in the summer. It will be on the pass side over the wheel well.
Nobody has skis that are longer than the bed anymore. The water tank filler tube and vent will go in it as well.
I haven`t measured my skis yet but think about 4" deep and 10-12" wide will get two sets of skis and 4 rods.


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Some ideas I am looking at building on a swing hitch. I don’t want my skis adding more moisture in the van than necessary and hopefully will limit the number of times my kids open the door.


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I’m looking for the same thing in a ski box for the rear. You would think that Yakima or Thule would see all these vans and provide a vertical box and rack. So much effort to make boxes for roofs of cars, trucks, etc... and nothing for the back of a van. I’m not about to climb a ladder in snow and possibly boots every time I need to retrieve or store my stuff. That’s just too dangerous. I’m thinking of retrofitting the Yakima box I already own to a vertical location attached somehow to a prime design ladder. Maybe I can cut down some roof bars And a fix them to the ladder or attach directly to the ladder. IDK. I’ll have to rig something together once I get the van and all the principle parts.

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