Long shot but- Roommate/garage opportunity in Austin, TX


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Hey everyone. I have a 2005 short wheelbase Dodge Sprinter I'm going to start building out pretty soon here. I've been lurking for a while.

I'm posting here because we have a room for rent along with a 2 car garage I use as a workshop. Nothing incredible, but space, bench and tools. I have 5 bikes so space is a bit of an issue, BUT, would be nice to see the workshop get some more use and I could learn from someone else's build.

We're in central Austin right near I-35 and Riverside.

The room is an ok size and unfurnished. Shared bathroom. Girlfriend is a masseuse and sometimes has clients in the house. We have a 3 legged pandejo of a chihuahua who warms up to people.

Rent would be $700/month and utilities split 3 ways. House isn't much, but it's nice. Finishing up remodeling, so I'll be doing projects here and there. Nice back yard and back patio.

As far as house rules, it's pretty straight forward. Please be chill. Quiet time from 10-7-ish- we like our sleep. Please no starting a bike at 2am in prep for a race day. Once in a while get-togethers are cool, just not too rowdy. Please be clean. Project messiness is ok as long as it's not too out of hand. Maybe a roommate will incite me to straighten up my crap. No smoking cigarettes or vaping in the house.

I'll put on my flame retardant underwear for this part. Please no serious Trumpers or super lefties. Slightly right, centrist, slightly left, apolitical is fine. Sorry, just can't deal with that in my house.

If this doesn't belong here, please feel free to delete.
Thanks guys!


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If I can think of anyone from any of the MA race teams, I wlll refer.

If you don't already work for/with AF1 Racing, you might want to post over there. Just a suggestion.

Good luck :thumbup:

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