Daimler AG to pay $1.5B to settle emissions cheating - 2010 through 2016 Sprinter vans with “BlueTEC II” diesel engines


2014 GWV Legend 3500 I4
If you have access to an Star diagnostic system or a clone, it is also very easy to print out your entire regeneration history. Sometimes looking at the big picture is informative.

And if you don't, perhaps your dealer would print you one for a "modest" fee.


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
The $49 dongle does regeneration history, although in format that is hard to read.


2015 LTV IB: 2015 3500 V6
Pending emission related fault codes

Address 7E8: 1 Fault Found:
P2201 - NOx Sensor 1 Bank 1: Implausible Signal

I was headed up a good hill in the Shenandoah National Park when the check engine light came to visit.

I reset the code, looked up an online price,

Remembered the fix will come with new NOX sensors and more warranty coverage. With the reduced COVID travel plans, we should be able to make it till the fix comes to the local dealership.

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