ABEONA - 2019 Pebble Grey 144” Low Roof


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I wanted to share what we’ve done to our van. Many ideas and much info was obtained from detailed posts of the members here. So thank you!

Our conversion is pretty simple.

A platform bed that can be raised from both the head and the foot end. We raise the head end to sit reclined to watch videos on our laptop (we plan on installing a TV).
Marmoleum plank flooring.
Wood ceiling.
MaxAir fan.
Upgraded sound system.
Cork paneling.
Thule awning.
Wiring for both 120V and 12V electronics/appliances (we had planned to go the GoalZero route but now are looking at Inergy Flex.
Sound and thermal insulation.
1UP RakAttach and Rocky Mounts bike rack.
Homemade mosquito screens.

We took our first trip recently and everything worked as planned. We still need to work on ‘stuff management’. There seems to be plenty of room for everything so far - even the bike trailer for the dog and her pen.


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