Transmission Issues - 2002 Freightliner (P2108)


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My (new to me) sprinter has 120k miles on the clock, I drove it on a 500 mile road trip and noticed it was having some RSN and flare shifting issues so i decided to drain the fluid, drop the valve body and inspect the conductor plate. I had no transmission codes reported according to my AP200 code reader, the conductor plate looked to be in fine shape, no floppy speed sensor or anything strange from my research. I did take a look at the solenoids just out of curiosity but reassembled correctly AFAIK.

I did fine lots of metal shavings in the pan and in the filter, but I figured I would put it back together.
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I test drove it and it seemed to be doing okay, still flare shifting but then missing shifts and putting me in limp mode. I pulled the codes up on the AP200 and am getting just one code P2108 'Shift pressure' control solenoid valve is faulty. I cleared the codes a few times and it continued to happen in different gears. the fluid was never up to temp because it would happen pretty soon after starting.
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From what I've read it seems fairly unlikely the shift solenoid is actually failing, and the part is fairly expensive, I have seen you can test the on/off shift solenoids but not sure about this PWM solenoid. I am thinking of dropping the valve body again, replacing the conductor plate, giving the solenoid a good visual inspection and hopefully testing it if somebody can. I am wondering if gunk in my valve body is possible causing this fault and if it is worthwhile to disassemble the body to thoroughly clean and check that as well. Any advice is welcome, as I am in over my head :D


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When you're ready to replace, I have several good T1N trans available.


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Hi. There's a video here that shows some solenoid test procedures that might help you if you plan on pulling the conductor plate again. Its not all inclusive but shows how to test the solenoids betond just a "click test." Worth a look.
. Good luck to you.

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