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You are looking at a fully custom 2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 V6 Diesel Vanlife conversion van. This thing is top to bottom well thought out and well taken care of. We are having a baby and moving back east, so we gotta sell it. Which is heartbreaking, but that's how life goes sometimes. The story goes, we bought this thing from the 2nd owner with ~90,000 miles on it for a STEAL of a deal. But you get what you pay for, and we did and had to toss about $5k in engine repairs right off the bat. But, the upside, now she runs super smooth and had a good 200 may 300 thousand miles left before you have to worry about anything. Glow plugs and control-module are brand new. New Exhaust pipe. Turbo seals, etc... a lot went into the initial fix-up. I am happy to go into detail, with proof of work done.

List of Mechanical Upgrades:
Bilstein B6 Tune Shocks and Struts
Drilled and Vented Rotors
Lexani Trail Beast A/T Tire w/ Matching Spare
Tail Pipe
Glow Plugs (diesel spark plugs, more or less...)
Glow Plug Control Module
Left and Right side cooling exhaust/intake tubes
Turbo Intake and Seal
Turbo Exhaust Seal
Turbo Control Module
Rear Dif Seals
Rubberized Textured Deck Paint Exterior, will not rust, scratch, or otherwise.

Once, it was all running great. We built this into the ideal little tiny home for two. Queen memory foam bed, enough storage for all the gear, clothing, food, etc... you could need to live in a van full time or just to take it out as a weekend warrior. Fully functional drinking water and grey-water system, mini-fridge, and propane cooktop. Wired for power via 2x250 Ah AGM batteries. 2000W/40000W DC to AC Inverter and solar to power it all. We spent about a year building, rebuilding, changing, and dialing the set up here. It is AWESOME. There is just too much to go through in words. So, I am a video walkthrough. If you want to see it, email me and I'll send you the link. It's about 20min long, really...

Brass Tacks. Price is pretty firm considering all that we put into this both time and money-wise. Not really gonna budge much here. No, it's not a Mercedes 4x4, hey look at the $150k I spent on a van I use twice rig. But, let's be honest, no one is taking a tiny home up a jeep road, no one. This is a solid awesome van that is nicer than most studio apartments but it can drive down any rough dirt road you want to. Also, you can work from it! Get a hotspot and boom WFH is way more fun. I am happy to deliver the van anywhere in the lower 48. I will pay to have it detailed when I drop it off.

Business - The transaction will be handled via wire and a seller/buyer agreement. We can use if you wish, i.e. you put down a deposit. I drive to you. We make a deal and once the funds are in place, you get the keys. Safe, easy, and secure. Please ask questions. This is such a cool van with so many cool features. It is truly all you could ever dream of.

Asking a firm $57,000 due to the amount of work and parts that we put into this.



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