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so on most campers you hook up the sewage line to the dump and open the great water valve and you can take a shower all day long and the water runs out of your rig. But on my 2006 roadtrek with the fancy masticator and only a single lever for gray and black water. How do I set it up where I can take a shower and not worry about filling the tank?


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Sorry; only time I connect to shore power is when it's 95F and humid and need overnight AC, but I've never attempted to connect to campground water or sewer. Interesting question, however.


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Not sure how your system works but I am assuming you have 2 tanks how ever large they are connected at the macerator. When you open the 1 valve it turns on the macerator which mixes and grinds the 2 tanks contents then pumps it out. If this is how your system works I would think you would have to bypass the macerator pump because it would be on all the time. If you just turn it off or unplug it and just let water flow through, if that is possible with that set up, what about the black tank? Solids would either pile up under the toilet and fluid would flow through the pump or they would back up at the pump. I don't know for sure and maybe someone who has one will answer you but I bet the pump relies on both tanks contents to work properly. Again I don't know but I suspect you need to convert to a 2 valve system and bypass the pump or take shorter showers. If you go to a 2 valve system I wouldn't leave the black open all the time because of the pile-up under the toilet as mentioned above.


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Nothing will go through without the pump being on. So I think my only option at this point is to have the macerator hose hooked up to the septic system and then just regularly push the button under the driver seat to empty it. There's no free flow of water without the pump moving.I don't fully understand how the black and gray water is kept separate and then with a single valve combined to run through the pump. I will say this, it's a breeze to empty the tank. I don't have a large flex hose to clean out and store, it's a very clean system.

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