Here goes! My build thread to sleep a family of 9 (!!!) in a 2020 170" 4x4

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I personally think that just addressing the moist air resulting from 9 human beings sleeping and breathing within the volume of a 170 van makes the idea insane. But to offer some input...

Assuming some screen walls are included, a pop top will help to address the moisture produced by the number of humans you plan to have sleeping/breathing in your small box. Without a pop top or some designed ventilation you might consider an O2 level monitor as a safety device.

Overall weight can be an issue. Consider pipe berth style sleeping similar to what is used in some racing sailboats. It will keep weight down a bit.

In case it may be an acceptable consideration, an air lock tent can significantly expand the living space of a van while parked for sleeping mode.

Have fun.

Yes. You will likely face weight issues. Net payload after buildup in most Bs is somewhat limited. Add supplies, tools and utensils/dishes, a galley of some sort and your will likely not have enough GW headroom for nine. And no bathroom.....


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
Welded a shelf up for the microwave and the Inergy Apex, as well as an “always on” rear view camera for towing, since it’s not possible to keep the VS30’s rear camera on like it was for the prev sprinters.

The VanTop mirror is awesome. I had to get a few accessories to wire it all up:

- VanTop H612T 12” 4K Mirror Dash Cam
- Extension cable to run the wire for the rear camera (which I installed just below the regular rear camera)
- The hardwire kit (the mirror only comes w/ a cigarette adapter plug)

View attachment 176215View attachment 176216View attachment 176217
What up D? This looks awesome. I'll be adding this to my build list. BTW, Sorry I missed the meet up. I ended up being out of town that weekend. I'd love to do a rain check.
What up D? This looks awesome. I'll be adding this to my build list. BTW, Sorry I missed the meet up. I ended up being out of town that weekend. I'd love to do a rain check.
D, how did you wire the new rear view camera below the regular rear view camera? Did you have to create a new penetration in the roof or where you able to somehow utilize the existing camera's opening? I'd also be curious how you mounted it. I'm about to pull the trigger. It would be great to get visibility behind the van while driving.


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
@cswsprinter I didn't take a pic of it but basically, the stock rear camera is in a plastic housing, and there's an easy access point from inside the van through a hole in the roof into that stock housing.

I mounted the new rearview camera directly below the stock camera, onto that same plastic housing, and then used the stock hole. I put a bunch of sikaflex on the plastic housing mount when I screwed it back into the roof to account for a bit of extra gap between the housing & roof from the small rearview camera wire. Another option I considered would be to drill a hole into the housing and run the wire through it, and down into the roof, but I didn't think that was necessary.

Def recommend! It's been driving me crazy not to be able to see what I'm towing behind me.
Right on. Thanks for the details. When you get a chance please shoot a pic of the final product. I’m curious to see exactly how it looks with the camera below the stock camera. Cheers!


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
Now that we’ve done a few trips with the family, here’s a bit more 411 on how the sleeping arrangements are working:

We can sleep 2 adults + 1 child on each of the queen beds. That’s working quite well. We fold the rear 2 seats down to create a full platform for the lower mattress, along with the two camping table tops I fabricated.

We can sleep 2 kids on the CabBunks, as per a previous post.

And we can sleep 1 small adult (aka grandma) or 1 child on an inflatable “L” mattress on one row of bench seats.

It’s super tight, no question!!! For multiple night stays when camping we’re setting up a tent and doing 5-6 in the van and 3-4 in the tent.

but it **is** possible to sleep all nine — for example when traveling from SF to PHX with one overnight in LA, which was the goal!

3016D954-D1BC-462A-8724-151126F7EB14.jpeg D365964E-FA67-4F61-AA64-E45D011FB54F.jpeg 4BDACF03-9151-4356-859B-181B2CAA9571.jpeg 130295A5-13C6-475B-99B0-2A91CD1219CE.jpeg 6B680FCD-27FD-4115-973D-71BABF691D1F.jpeg


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
Here are a few pics from our most recent trip to Bear River campground in Colfax. (Using the roof rack to store bins, which is working great)

E39C3036-0F53-4495-B1FA-CA01D526D097.jpeg 33F5C940-466D-4DB6-A088-4D7E5171EDD8.jpeg A966D1EF-D200-4CAC-9E5B-7023425A9539.jpeg 511F65DD-4133-4651-95EF-F1F36BFC6281.jpeg C2EAB8A5-3A79-4732-8974-C57AAA6D4C94.jpeg


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
Tore the van apart this weekend to get the water system set up. Hose quick coupling connections in both the side slider door, and back. Two 20 gallon wheel well tanks from RB Components. Just have to finalize the pump’s location and should be good to go!

F92E2E34-C1B1-49DE-8447-833E80489E8B.jpeg 3E9E275A-4CD5-4A18-92A5-83AEDB09DF3F.jpeg 569BC8BA-B969-4B37-B873-2A776EA98FB0.jpeg 25EB9DFA-6FF1-4323-BDB0-EBAF80A2ED2E.jpeg B4DCE450-0089-488E-BBF4-4023A52E9CB8.jpeg


"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
The quest to sleep 9 comfortably in the Sprinter continues! We’ve been using the Cabbunk, which is good but takes ~15 mins to set up. Been looking for another way to sleep 2 kids.

I just fabricated a “slide out” bed that stores underneath the upper mattress. It’s 40” wide by 70” long. It’s supported by an aluminum 2” bar that sits on two stirrups that I fabricated, as well as four Paracord points.

I’m about to use it on a road trip so we’ll see how it holds up!



"Avalanche" • 2022 170" Ext Cargo 4x4
Here is the upper and lower bed — both queen sizes.

Also, the Inergy Apex has been performing like a champ. And these Fiet electric lights from Costco are fantastic. usb rechargeable and magnetic.


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