wallas small diesel cooktop and air furnace in Mendo ca area


2006 high top long, Fully converted by me
for sale a Wallas smaller cooktop (not the 24x18 big model)
good used unit, (2nd owner) had it in my van before I had solar. works a ok. control dial trim has paint chips.
Built in dosing pump self purging, just plumb to fuel supply (no pressure side), 12v at 15 amps?, and run exhaust out.
Quieter than my cheep webasto copy. unit aprox 16x20x [10 deep] down into counter (my fridge is in the way too)...
good to fair used condition in terms of slight visible wear and tear. Cooktop surface is perfect. function is perfect.
paid 500$ best offer, needs to go in next few weeks.
thx, matt


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Any pictures? Model number?

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