Found a West Coast SmartFloor Installer!!! + Some seat questions (I need to seat 7!!!)


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Just bought a 2020 170" 4x4 and starting the build process. I happened across the AMF Bruns SmartFloor and was intrigued by it!!! Been searching all over to try to figure out how to get it installed in my van, as AMF only does commercial and works via dealers, who mostly also only do fleet/commercial work.

But after a bunch of phone calls, I was connected to Andreas of RRE Global, who seems incredibly knowledgable about all things SmartFloor, and he's going to help us get it done. He's also training up other shops to do the install as well, so it should become more accessible to the VanLife community over time.

Andreas Bruckner
cell 559.708.2314 (he's very responsive over text, too)

If you'd like to talk to him, you can tell him "Daniel Odio from the Sprinter forum sent me" as I told him I'd share his contact info here.


Here are my notes from my call with him:
  • He can install in Santa Barbara, LA or Las Vegas
  • Floor is cut to shape; fits around wheel wells
  • Typically set up w/ 3 rows (six rails; each chair uses 2 rails) but may be able to do 4 rows on a case-by-case basis
  • Lead time is about a month
  • Install takes one day + 6 hours to cure before driving
  • He's testing a 2 seater bench that works on these tracks and converts into a bed
  • Cost is $6k to $10k depending on the number of seats
  • Lots of different seat options; here's the AMF Bruns catalog (around page 50)... there are also other brands of seats that fit these rails
  • The rails are effectively beefy L-track that meets safety requirements. Regular L-track rings, etc. do fit in these.
I also talked to Steve at AMF Bruns who was super helpful and referred me over to Andreas as their west-coast installer. Steve mentioned that this flooring system has been tested w/ 36Gs of force, i.e., it's very bulletproof.

BTW there's also a cool article about RRE Global in Overland Journal that I saw

Hope that helps others who are also trying to figure out a modular flooring solution!!!

BTW: I'd also love to know if anyone has answers to these questions:
  • Do these Travois swivel seats fit in a SmartFloor system? I.e., is the rail width an industry standard? (I don't think AMF Bruns makes swivel seats)
  • Does anyone have other brands of seats they recommend? I specifically need to seat seven people and want to do a row of 3 and a row of 4. So I need skinny seats. Andreas said the AMF M1 seats are 16" and should fit four across; he's verifying w/ his engineer. I'd love to know if anyone has seating recommendations for four using a SmartFloor system. It would be epic if there was a bench bed like this one from Travois that could seat four people across, but I don't think that exists... LMK if you know of one!!!

smartfloor-1.jpg smartfloor-5-right.png. 1541592212.jpg. a8a445a9f0d17da27eb4583a8e918607.jpg
Andreas is super knowledgeable. I spoke with him back in March. At the time he came in 50% higher for an install than Summit Bodyworks for the same floor. Difference was he was quoting me Scheelman seats instead of SmartSeats. I didn’t realize how big a price difference there was in those seats at the time otherwise I would have just gone with him and smart seats. Scheelman seats were coming in at $2600 per seat vs $1300 for SmartSeats. I only found out the price difference a couple months ago.

I would be very curious if you are able to get a system with more than 6 rails installed. There is another certified installer in Washington now and they told me 6 rails was the max that could be installed.

Also - Adventure Wagon just gave a SmartFloor workshop for other builders a couple weekends ago so there should be more builders offering this system on the West Coast.

I purchased the Travois floor and Clip swivel seats. Ordered in March and still don’t have them yet. It’s looking like mid to end of October now for me :(

I wish I went with Andreas - he was a month from order to install. I would have had a usable van in May instead of having a paperweight all summer I cant use with my family.

From what I understand - the Travois seats are NOT compatible with SmartFloor due to the rail spacing distance. The Travois swivel seats require 178mm spacing between rails and the SmartFloor is 173mm between rails (at least that is what I was told)

Good luck with your build!


"Vader" • 2020 170" Crew 4x4
I just went to the AdventureVan expo today in Tahoe and met Andreas there -- was able to get a ton more detail!



"Vader" • 2020 170" Crew 4x4
I would be very curious if you are able to get a system with more than 6 rails installed. There is another certified installer in Washington now and they told me 6 rails was the max that could be installed.
YES it is! Andreas confirmed it w/ his engineer. I've got 9 people in my family so I want to be able to do a row of four, and it's possible. See the attached drawings.

The fourth rail gets interrupted by the sliding door step, so we're going to extend the floor over the step well -- Andreas also did this in his build; here's a screenshot of the part of the video above at about 1 minute in where you can see it:

Also, Andreas is going to have Daniel Kuttner of MadVans in Santa Barbara do the install. Dan is at 805-453-2522. Andreas said Daniel was the first installer he trained and he's done a number of these.

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 9.09.46 AM.png


I'm curious about seat mounting systems using L track. Assuming the L track is mounted securely (5/16-18 fasteners with tensile strength 3000lbs each), Heavy duty L track specs appear to be around 2000lbs working load per threaded stud. If a seat is mounted with 4 threaded studs the theoretical working load would be around 8000lbs or 4 tons. Is that enough for a worst case crash scenario? What about a triple seat? Strap 3 200lb people in a 3 person seat and forces of a collision are extremely high.


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the theoretical working load would be around 8000lbs or 4 tons. Is that enough for a worst case crash scenario? What about a triple seat? Strap 3 200lb people in a 3 person seat and forces of a collision are extremely high.
I think you should be using the pull-out strengths of the fasteners, if you're not already.

A bad accident could have 10 G's or more deceleration.
Multiply weight of seat plus passengers by # of G's, e.g.
(100lb seat + 3*200lb people) * 10G = 7000lb.
If the seat belts are fastened to the vehicle instead of to the seat, then the forces are lower on the seat.
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Searching around it looks like 50 G's is not unreasonable.
collision G force article

I realize the posts I made are not relevant to the thread topic and a bit of an offshoot. Didn't mean to muck up this thread so will probably delete them and start a different thread or they can be moved.
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Drodio - thanks for the post! We are a family of 5 in a 144 and desiring a more both comfortable and modular seating and sleeping set up.

  • He's testing a 2 seater bench that works on these tracks and converts into a bed
The ideal solution would be a 3 seater bench but a 2 seater bench +1 single could work. I sent an email to Andreas and looking forward to hearing what he comes back with.

The Travois Floor + their RocknRoll or Sierra bench seat looks like another option. I put a call in today to them today, hoping to check out their factory in Los Osos this week if I can get in there!

Also when is Daniel doing your install? Would love to check our your set up when its done. He lives down the street from me and installed my MOAB bed. Dan's the man, you are stoked!


"Vader" • 2020 170" Crew 4x4
I've had a bunch of people ask me what I think about the SmartFloor now that it's installed, so here's a followup:
  • I worked w/ Andreas + Daniel of MadVans in Santa Barbara. Daniel's the one that did the install
  • I was hoping to be able to seat four seats across. Andreas worked with the AMF Bruns folks to get engineering drawings done, and it looked possible. But when we tried to seat four across, it just wouldn't fit. (We were using the skinny M1 folding chairs). It's likely because AMF Bruns usually installs SmartFloors in commercial vans, not conversions, so the wall-to-wall measurements are different.
  • So I was initially bummed about that, because I wanted to be able to seat 8 in two rows of 4. However, after having the seats installed, I'm realizing that it wouldn't have worked to have four across anyway -- there would just be no space to walk between rows. I was originally thinking that would be OK; that we'd just fold the seat down and hop over it, but that would've been really inconvenient. So it actually has turned out OK to have two rows of 3 and one row of 2 as per the pics below.
  • Having the floor is awesome. I was hoping that the floor would enable me to take a modular approach to my build, and it absolutely has. For example, I was able to easily add a slider using L track studs. Same for water tanks, etc. So it really is true that the floor serves as a strong foundation for a modular build if that's important to you.
  • I also originally thought it would be easy to change seating configurations. And it definitely is way easier than with the stock bench seats -- those are hella heavy and really only face one direction. The M1 seats are individually removable and are easy to turn to face forwards or backward. However, the thing I didn't account for was the "side to side" seat adjustments. In order to get 3 seats to fit well in a row, I have to pop the bottom seat cushion off and use an Allen key tool to adjust where the seat itself sits on the seat base frame. This means it takes more work to move seats around because it's not just popping them out of the L track, which is easy, but it also means adjusting them side-to-side with a tool, depending on spacing needs w/ other seats. Not a deal killer by any means, but just something to be aware of.
So overall, I'd say that it serves its primary purpose exceptionally well: To be a strong foundation for a modular build, which includes modular seating options. It's not quite as easy to move the seats around as I originally thought it would be, but it is easy to pop them in & out. Net-net, very happy with the floor, and with Andreas service and Daniel's install.

One thing I'd probably do differently since I can't get four seats across: If I were just going for three seats across, I'd evenly space the rails so I could stagger the seats across tracks if I wanted to. I'm not currently able to do that.

Another observation: I installed Lonseal flooring on top of the SmartFloor. I like the look. Not sure yet how durable it'll end up being. I'll report back on that.

Here's the full build thread:

IMG_3352.jpg IMG_3507.jpg IMG_1913.jpg IMG_3351.jpg


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Appreciate the review. My smart floor is setup with 3 sets for seating plus a 7th rail near the sliding door. I like the look of your floor and am looking to see how durable it ends up being. I am torn between installing the Lonseal or perhaps some area rugs that can be taken out to be cleaned / replaced if necessary. Keep it up, so I can follow your footsteps.
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Can you show pics or a link to the hardware you used to attach the slider to the L-track?


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"Vader" • 2020 170" Crew 4x4
@RVBarry I've found Andreas to be best over text: +1-559-708-2314

Share pics on this thread if you get a SmartFloor installed as well!


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Your info on the SmartFloor has been immensely helpful - thank you so much!! We're in talks w/ Andreas too, but being near Chicago means there are zero installers for hundreds of miles. Crazy.

The one question I can't answer is why the different rail distances? There are 156, 173 and 234 - it looks like you got the 173mm spacers. Can the M1s be adjusted so that they fit in a 156? We're probably not getting seats yet because they're not cheap and shipping them is even more money... but we want to make sure that whatever we get is future-proof.

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