My husband often bumps or scrapes his head on cabinet doors that have been left open in our Interstate.


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We'd like to get the doors to open further (maybe to the ceiling) so they don't stick out or hang down into the walkway, but still are held in the open position. Has anyone else had this problem and found a good solution? I do try to remember to close the doors when I'm done in the cabinets, but sometimes I forget or he comes by unexpectedly.


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Speaking as a husband with a considerable collection of mostly healed head scars, wearing a cap reduces the damage. I'm not familiar with the cabinet doors on the Interstate, but our cabinet doors are held open by a pair of spring struts. The handles on the doors keep them about an inch away from the ceiling when open, and if that is a factor I think there's enough travel in the struts to move the doors the last inch if the handles were removed. If the hardware on your doors doesn't move them far enough, building centers have a variety of strut styles that could improve the situation. If nobody in the Interstate community chimes in, post a photo and I'm sure the collective wisdom of the forum herd can come up with a solution.


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I saw a couple interstates with sliding plexiglass bypass doors; maybe the cabinet faces are interchangeable?


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Anything in our "conversion" that gets head-bumped very quickly gets padded.
That changes a repeating scrape situation into a "gentle reminder".
The dark grey split-cylinder pipe insulation is the usual padding we add (the split grabs edges very nicely).
They also make the item more visually "present", which tends to help avoid them.


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