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I am looking for high quality hardware for this drop down table...either marine grade stainless or cast brass or similar. The table will obviously be stored in its "stowed" or upright position when traveling. I was going to just use a stainless steel cable to support it on the left side, but it occurred to me that some of you may have some ideas and sources for another support that looks better besides a telescoping single leg underneath.

More so, I am interested in a good looking stainless or brass hardware at the top of the table to keep it secure when stowed...it would go on the outside/underside of the table toward the top and middle where the oval spot of blue tape is in the picture...ideally it would be spring loaded and go through the cabinet wall, where it could twist and secure the table in its stowed position.

Anyone aware of anything like that? Any links or sources? I'd like to stay away from installing anything on the top of the counter, and I would like for it to be attractive in its stowed and extended positions. Thanks in advance.


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@gordstray, that's a piano hinge in the pics you posted.

Here's another way to do it:
See 11:45 in the video
They used a friction hinge, which I hadn't seen in a build before.


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There are numerous marine supply houses that carry such things.
Since i'm in a coastal city, i just drop in to Fisheries Supply ... lots of pretty stainless and brass.
Very helpful on the phone, too.
Stainless piano hinges are available at good hardware and cabinetry shops. https://www.rockler.com/


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