Fuel Filter Replacement


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Can you just purchase a replacement clip

2008 dodge sprinter 3500 144 wb and we replaced the fuel filter as it was leaking (slow leak) and broke the damn clip off... everything is on and good to go (no clip) no leaks should I bother with the clip? Zip tie? Purchase a new part? Online quote $90 call the dealership in the am about clip?


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You'd want a clip to keep the compression. Zip tie might be a bit hard to get off next change without damaging the line
Afghan fix!! What is wrong with you guys, the sort of things you would read in the Ahj Times in Jalahbad !

MB makes a blanking cap which has the clip you need for about $3 bucks !
Doing what you guys are contemplating is leaving the fix into the hands of Allah.


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A message from Ali Bashie editor of the Ahj Times in Jalahabad .
Mr Denis please tell those people in that USA place, the cap& clip is found under part number
000 908 11 22 28.
Greetings to all & may your God go with you !
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